How I make Fortune’s Fancy (as of March 2022)

I have Fortune’s Fancy written out as a novel, so I translate it to a script. Then I copy/paste the dialogue into the pages. 

I use Clip Studio EX, which allows for a .cmc file. This has all the pages of Fortune’s Fancy and I have 1 for each chapter plus the covers. I open around 4 pages at a time and insert a template. When I am ready to export, I select the pages. I export a full size version which I later use to get the clips and a version where the pages are 800 pixels across to post online. I save four to six pages in one go, rather than having to save them each two times. 

The template I use has the page divided in thirds through the Frame Border tool. It also has a set of layers that I use in every comic. Sketch, Background, flats, shadow, line (which is a vector layer), white, frame, and text. 

I add the text and get it close to where I want it. I format it manually as I do not like the auto line feature. I can fit it better in the speech bubbles this way. I sketch in the panels and then add the horizontal frame borders, finalize the text, and add bubbles. I enjoy sketching, but formatting is my least favorite part. When I am happy with how things are layed out, I magic select the negative space outside of the frames, then fill in white to clean up anything outside the frame. (Hence the “white” layer)

I then do the line work. I use a vector layer so I can use the vector eraser. Any line that crosses another will erase at the cross point. It saves a little time by not erasing an entire line. It’s useful for things like where Drexel’s or Archimedes’ hair go behind them. I use the fill bucket to add color. Because I don’t close all of my lines and fill bucket isn’t perfect, I go back and color in a few things like the white in their eyes or Drexel’s goatee.

Extra layers that appear are Archimedes decoration- his chest hair or the pattern on his coat are done with brushes in a separate layer. Magic and sparkles are usually two layers, one with the color and one with a glow effect. 

I made a document called “#Shit I’m tired of drawing” The hashtag puts it at the top of my file list. I made all the back grounds for anyone sitting in Drexel’s house, since that’s where most of the story takes place. I copy and past, align with panel, then trim. Once all the pieces are together, I merge to one layer and gaussian blur at 40%. 

Finally, I add the shadows and set them to 50%. I have three shades of purple for various items. Drexel is a light purple, his hair and sometimes his robes use the medium. Mira uses medium except on her hair, it uses the darkest.