Characters and Creator

Fortune’s Fancy: Creator

Unkemptsnugglepepper (Jamie)

In September of 2020, I began writing Fortune’s Fancy as novel. It received little interest and someone asked if a webcomic version was available. Enjoying art, I began making the first few pages just for fun. I enjoyed the project. As an artist I worked more on backgrounds, hands, expressions, and composition than I had ever done before. I’ve gone back and redrawn all of chapter 1 (In which Drexel meets Mira) and updated some of chapter 2 (In which Mira learns a lesson.) I’ve enjoyed the challenge. 

Fortune’s Fancy is a coping skill. It touches on a range of mental health issues, such as guilt, depression, suicidal ideation, self love, anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD. And while it gets dark, I enjoy keeping light hearted moments between characters. 

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I feel like I’m drowning

Fortune’s Fancy: Characters

Main Cast


Name: Drexel Bauer
Age: 42
Birthday: October 16
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 125
First appearance: In which Drexel meets Mira, cover. 
Appearance: Drexel is tall and underweight with shaggy red hair and blue eyes. He wears a gold ring in his goatee. His robes are old and have many patches. 

Drexel showed promise with magic from a young age. He attended Stratham Academy, where the headmaster found out Drexel had a boyfriend and burned his chest. Drexel worked with Bastion in Resultum before learning Bastion practiced cruel magic on prisoners.  Fueled by rage for not noticing, Drexel destroyed a large portion of the city in a single spell. He then moved to the small town of Northwick, where people are wary of him. 

Drexel is very intelligent and considered to be the most powerful mage of his time. He is very literal, often missing sarcasm or idioms. He and Gwen act mean towards each other to hide that Gwen helps him, which the town would loose faith in their healer if they knew. He is protective and patient towards Mira.  

Name: Mira Thornback
Age: 17
Birthday: July 21th
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 125
First appearance: In which Drexel meets Mira, cover. 
Appearance: Mira first appears in a cloak with turquoise stripes of magic on her skin. She has medium dark skin, curly brown hair and brown eyes. 


Mira’s father said no one would take her as apprentice and they didn’t have money for a school. She went to Bastion at an insane asylum to ask to learn magic, but found him creepy and unsettling. Bastion spoke of Drexel, making him to seem very kindhearted. Mira set off to find him.

When she first meets Drexel, she demands he take her as an apprentice. She throws a fireball to show her ability, but Drexel is not impressed. She catches his attention by mentioning Resultum wasn’t his fault. After a week’s trial period, Drexel agreed to take her as a full time apprentice. In return, she promised to take care him, citing that he forgets to eat. 


Name: Archimedes Hedon
Age: 37
Birthday: December 12
Height: 6′
Weight: 160
First appearance: In which Drexel and Mira meet Archimedes cover
Appearance: Archimedes is tall with tan skin, brown hair, and warm green eyes. He wears a colorful coat to attract attention as Fortune Teller 

Archimedes has traveled as a Fortune Teller when he ends up in Northwick. Drexel was aware of his magic aand Archimedes was aware of Drexel’s. Archimedes’s magic centers around being able to read people as well as share feelings through touch. He’s kind and frequently smiles. He always introduces himself as “Archimedes, pleasure,” a play on his last name. 

Other Characters