In which Drexel meets Mira

  • Mira wanting to fight Drexel was borrowed from a roleplay. 


  • These two are based on Penta and Belhear from Orterian Wine, a story I’ve worked on since 2004 and has a lot of elements that give away I was a teenager when I wrote it. 
  • Rowan is the name of a knight I use in role play. He wears blue. 
  • Mrs. Longbottom’s first name is Clara. 
  • I originally made Fortune’s Fancy as a web comic for shits and giggles. I later redrew the first chapter and updated some of the second. 
  • Birds appear behind Mira when she talks about freedom. Later, Drexel makes her room bird themed and calls her “Little Bird”
  • I discovered the straight line tool, how to put space between boarders in Clip Studio. 
  • I created the cell shading color for every object. Later, I use a layer of blues or purples at 40% opacity to create the shadows. 


In which Mira learns a lesson

  • Mira calls him “Mr. Drexel” only during the second chapter. It’s not shown, but he would shy away from formality. 
  • Drawing Drexel’s living room took the longest. I used the perspective tool in Clip Studio although I wasn’t entirely familiar with the program. 
  • Drexel’s table is magic and produces chairs depending on how many are needed. I had it planed that way before I did the comic. 
  • The sign for “bowl” (and later “candle”) are American Sign Language. 
  • Drexel says he’s slow to anger. When Mira calls him nice, he is more frustrated than mad at her. 
    When Mira thinks Drexel is nicer than “him,” she is referring to Bastion


In which there are Thunderstorms

  • Drexel’s robes change while Mira’s dress does not to show the passing of time. Since Mira had been traveling, she only has her dress and pajamas. 
  • When Drexel is looking over the pile of ash, he is wearing his lavender robes. There is a hole on his left shoulder, suggesting the robes he wears at the beginning were the ones he left Resultum in. 
  • His pendant has a symbol which was on the paper he used to make Mira’s room. 
  • I’m very proud of the panel where Drexel is looking at his past self in a spoon’s reflection. 
  • When Drexel explains how thunderstorms are gods dancing, the man resembles Archimedes and the woman uses Drexel’s color scheme. 


In which Drexel is ill

  • When Mira sings to Drexel, she is singing a tune by Gustav Holst. It is the second movement of Military Suite in F, “Love song without words.” Holst put words to it, making it “I’ll love my love.”  Military Suite in F was my final for conducting in undergrad. 
  • The old man in town appeared in chapter 1: In which Drexel meets Mira. 
  • In the morning, Drexel’s sacred tree ash on his forehead is smudged from sleeping. 
  • Mira followed Drexel’s comment to pick up a new dress, which she is seen wearing at the end of the chapter. 


In which Drexel and Mira meet Archimedes

  • I started writing Fortune’s Fancy as a novel. This chapter was 3000 words where others are around 2000. I planned on splitting it, but the only good place would leave chapter 5 with two updates. 
  • Penta and Belhear return as The Lovers. 

  • The tarot cards use Drexel’s robes as a color scheme. 
  • Drexel’s sign for “candle” is American Sign Language.