Chronological Order of Events

List of events that happen through Fortune’s Fancy in the order they occurred with reference to the episode they are mentioned. 

This is best if you need a refresher between episodes

25 years prior to start of series


Drexel attends the Academy at Stratham. His headmaster discovers that he has a boyfriend and shoots a fireball at him at close range. 

Chapter 4: In which Drexel is Ill pt 2

23 years prior to start of story

Drexel works with Bastion in Resultum. He discovers that Bastion has been using people for experiments. Drexel destroys a large portion of the city and travels to Northwick. Drexel intended to die by using the spell, but had a pendent of protection. 

Chapter 1: In which Drexel meets Mira pt 2 (Mira says Resultum wasn’t his fault) 
Chapter 2: In which Mira learns a lesson pt 1, pt 3 (Drexel and Mira allude to his past)
Chapter 3: In which there are thunderstorms, pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4 (Mira explains how she found to look for Drexel. Drexel explains what happened.)
Chapter 5: In which Drexel and Mira meet Archimedes pt 1, pt 2 (Archimedes references the Drexel’s past smells of ash)

A short time prior to the start of the story

Mira’s father claims they don’t have money to send her to school or find a private teacher. Mira goes to the asylum, where Bastion resides, the only mage for miles. She is creeped out by how he describes horrible things with a smile and chooses to go after his apprentice, Drexel. 


Chapter 3: In which there are thunderstorms, pt 1

Chapter 1
(June 24th)


Mira finds the town of Northwick and meets Drexel on the road outside of town. She demands that he takes her on as an apprentice. He eventually agrees to give her a week long trial period. 
Rowan tells Drexel there are large rats in his basement and his mother (Mrs. Longbottom) will give Drexel pie if he can remove them. Drexel tells Rowan he will be there soon. 
The people give Drexel dirty looks as he moves through town. He dismisses it as people are wary of magic. He arrives at Mrs. Longbottom’s with Mira. They remove the rats, but Mira notices that Mrs. Longbottom gives him dirty looks when he’s not looking. 

Chapter 2
(June 24th)


Drexel moves through town, helping people for half pay and buying food for the week.  He praises Mira for being curious after she states she’s been told she asks too many questions. 

At Drexel’s, he makes her a room that exceeds her expectations and teaches her how to conjure a bowl. She states that he’s very nice and he denies it. When she says he wouldn’t hurt a fly, he takes to her to the open space in the back of his house and shows his power. 
Mira is impressed that he isn’t winded but then notices he looks very sad and hugs him. Drexel is confused, but Mira is happy to have chosen Drexel over Bastion for a teacher.  

Chapter 3 (June 28th)

Mira notices that Drexel is very literal, not understanding sarcasm or idioms. He always knows what time it is, although he forgets to eat. He’s patient and knowledgeable as a teacher. 

Mira explains how she knew Bastion who led her to find Drexel. Drexel explains he intended to perish when destroying Resultum and regrets not dying. 

Drexel explains that Mira is fairly powerful and would excel at school. He goes quiet when she asks him about his schooling. He calls her Little Bird for the first time and she responds by calling him Old Goose. He changes his nose, which Mira finds unsettling. 

That night Mira is woken by thunderstorms. The loud sounds startle her and she goes to Drexel, who is awake from nightmares. Drexel explains the storms are the gods dancing. Mira laughs at him, but accepts his attempt to help her feel less afraid. 

Chapter 4 (July 1st)

Mira wakes up to Drexel casting in his sleep because he is sick. Gwen the healer arrives and stops his casting with sacred tree ash. They heckle each other and Gwen leaves them. Mira asks about Drexel’s scar, where he explains his headmaster was homophobic. Mira states that it’s been a week and Drexel agrees to keep her as an apprentice. Mira sings him to sleep, surprised when he likes her singing. 

In the morning, Mira goes into town, hearing wives tales about Drexel. She sees Gwen on the way home. Gwen suggests that Mira take good care of Drexel and try to fatten him up. Mira suggests that he’s lonely. Upon returning to Drexel, Mira promises to take care of him in exchange for teaching her magic.  

Chapter 5 (July 14th)

Drexel appears to be zoning out while he and Mira are in town. Mira says she will forget about it if he takes her to The Bear’s Claw for dinner, to which he agrees. They meet Archimedes who offers a tarot reading. Drexel offers two silver instead of one (which Mira later notes as Drexel can be stingy). Archimedes draws Death for his past, the hermit for his present and the lovers for his future, which causes Drexel to scoff. Mira invites Archimedes to stay with them, which Drexel agrees. Archimedes offers to help Drexel carry his food home. As his hand brushes Drexel’s, Drexel blushes. 

Mira offers that Drexel is like a father should be and that he is interested in Archimedes. Archimedes claims Drexel is very pleasant, but he should smile more. Mira suggests to ask about magic. Archimedes and Drexel trade places and Drexel questions why Mira is trying to have Archimedes stay, to which she claims Drexel has a crush and Archimedes does as well. 

While sitting at the table, Archimedes asks about how magic works. Drexel gladly offers an explanation and shows Archimedes how to conjure a candle. Archimedes asks if he may attempt it, to which Drexel encourages him. Archimedes conjures a candle and Drexel offers to light it. Mira wishes them a goodnight and heads to bed. 

Archimedes states that Drexel is a good teacher. He returns that Mira will be his only apprentice. After Archimedes notes the smell of ash (reminiscent of Drexel’s past), he admits he was the one who destroyed the city of Resultum. Archimedes mentions that Mira needs Drexel as much as he needs her. Drexel dismisses Archimedes, saying that while Archimedes is very nice, Drexel isn’t looking for anyone. Archimedes leans forward, touching Drexel’s hand and asks what made him afraid to love. Drexel briefly explains his headmaster’s punishment. Archimedes reassures Drexel and states that Drexel had waited for him that day. Drexel says Archimedes’s magic rare to which Archimedes cheekily replies “Do you want to study me?” Drexel clarifies that Archimedes is flirting with him, Archimedes confirms this. He stands, as does Drexel. Archimedes tells Drexel he is a good man and kisses him on his forehead. Stunned, Drexel stares for a long moment and turns in for the night. 

Chapter 6 (July 15th)

Mira and Archimedes speculate what Drexel’s snores sound like. He wakes and fixes breakfast as Archimedes practices casting candles. Drexel asks Mira if it would be alright for Archimedes to stay with them for a while. Mira asks if they “did it,” which confuses Drexel. There’s a knock on the door and Gwen enters, stating that a “handsome fortune teller” followed Drexel home. When Drexel tells her Archimedes will stay with them for a while, she asks if they “did it,” still confusing Drexel. Gwen responds with “Didn’t they tell you about the bees and, well, the bees?” To which Drexel asks “What bees?” 
Drexel and Gwen tease each other. Drexel explains the Archimedes made the candles on the table and Gwen askes Archimedes what he sees with her. Archimedes says she’s a warm, motherly woman who knows most of Northwick. When Drexel makes a mean comment, Gwen responses that it’s not nice to do in front of his boyfriend, which causes Drexel to pale and cough. When Drexel denies a relationship, Gwen quips with “A one night sort of thing?” 

Drexel becomes anxious, realizing what Gwen is implying. Archimedes comforts him by commenting that Drexel’s and Gwen’s banter is cute, as is he when he blushes. Mira offers coaching as Archimedes admits he is flirting with Drexel, who asks if he’s ashamed. Archimedes states that he would never be ashamed to know Drexel, who has been kind and patient. 

Later that night, Archimedes goes to the Bear’s Claw to read fortunes for money. Mira, unable to focus on her studies, attempts to get Drexel to admit he has a crush on Archimedes. When Drexel does admit to liking Archimedes, he adds that it doesn’t matter, citing Archimedes wouldn’t want to be with someone who knows nothing about “what to do with….anything!” 

After Mira goes to bed, Archimedes returns. Sensing Drexel is anxious, Archimedes asks if he should leave. Drexel awkwardly asks him to stay, but not toy with him. Archimedes states he doesn’t have an intent to leave soon, noting that Drexel has a kind heart with a lot hurt and he would hold Drexel’s hand through anything. Drexel states Archimedes is holding his hand now.